How do I setup a profile?




  • Craig Burden

    I don't have a "create" option in my profile menu, only a login option. I have an account on the DRL website and am attempting to log in using those credentials, however it is saying user not found.

  • Gabriele Ladini

    Hi The same problem....


  • Parker Borget

    Me too.....Please help!

  • JoonHun

    Me too.... Please help me.

  • Dan Bloomquist

    Me Too ! very frustrating

  • Gabriele Ladini

    At this time, no solution

  • Brendan Bligh

    Try Windowed mode, for me the button was just hidden.

  • OnyxStones

    How was the button Hidden?


  • Parker Borget

    I was able to get around this.  I thought that you had to sign up/register on the website, however once I signed up directly in the simulator it worked perfectly.  

  • OnyxStones

    Wish I could get to to sign up button, or any button. the only option I have is Go to profile, Which leads me to Exit to main menu. I do run 3 screens, but There is no option to run it in 1 screen. 

  • Rackstas

    Go change the graphics settings to not be full screen. That way you will see the create profile option. Turn it back on after you done. 

  • OnyxStones

    I can not get to the graphics settings option to change it. 

  • Tanishq Jain

    how do i recover a forgotten username??


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