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FlySky/ Turnigy -i6 AFHDS 6CH



  • Edvard Wilhelms

    This seems really cool! But I got some problems to connect my FlySky FS-i6. I will try to be informative so you can help me the best. First I had trouble getting into the system setup in the controller, found it on youtube how to, maybe a thing to add. Anyway I changed all the settings as it is said beneath the " Setup Steps" and afterwards I connected it to my PC while I had it powered on. restarted it once before.

    The controller is recognized by the computer as a "Ports (COM & LPT)" with the "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM7)" driver and it's updated with the latest. Now I thought it was ready to start DLR and free to fly but no, when I click enter on "Choose new controller" it just gives me a sad beep as in Unable to find any new controller (doing it with the keyboard). And the program doesn't respond anything I'm doing with the controller, only keyboard. Any idea what might be wrong?

    Thanks for any suggestions

  • DRL Support

    Hi Edvard. 


    I'm sorry it took so long to reply to you. It's best to use the "Submit a HelpTicket" button that way we get notified to help you. 

    As for the issue you are referring to. I am not sure what maybe causing this. If you have not figure this one out, please use the Submit a Helpticket button and one of our support members can help with trouble shooting this for you. 

    Thank you so much and again, sorry for the delayed response. 

  • Mattes D

    Hi Edvard,

    from the info given, I would guess that your USB dongle is of the wrong kind. There are two kinds of USB dongles for the FlySky i6 - one for simulators, and another for firmware upgrade. The simulator one should be recognized by the PC as a USB soundcard, the firmware upgrade one comes up as a COM port (UART / USART / VCP).

    Also note that this page is incomplete - after plugging in the simulator dongle, you need a program called SmartPropoPlus that will convert the signal from the dongle into a virtual joystick that can be seen by the simuator programs.

  • DRL Support

    Hi Mattes D!


    Thank you for your added help and response in this persons question. We truly appreciate the community getting involved . However the article written is not incomplete. The USB dongle used, tested and confirmed to work properly by us does not require the program "SmartPropoPlus". in fact, we recommend that the user not use a dongle that would require that program since it has been known to have many issues working with the game. We have found that the program has too many variables from one person to the next, where some may find it to work with some controllers, and others may not, as well as the computer. Too many edge cases involved. So for those reasons, we do not recommend it. Thank you again for your help and support in this manner. 


    The Drone Racing League Support. 

  • Adeeb Missaghi

    I am having an issue where DRL interprets my yaw and roll to be the restart and reset switches making the game pretty much unplayable unless I do really wide turns and no sudden movements... perfect. I am on OSX using an FS-i6 with the same USB dongle that you have linked in this article.

    It would make sense that when a user skips selecting a restart/reset switch that the trigger in the game would be set to OFF entirely.

  • Chris

    I’m having the same issue with a FlySky i6 and usb dongle. However running Win 10. Far right and left on the left stick are setting off the reset switch somehow. Making it unplayable.

  • Thorsten Nitz

    Hallo. Ich bin über meine XBOX auf diese Hilfeseite. Wie bekomme ich meine Flysky i6 auf meiner XBOX ans laufen?

  • DRL Support

    Hi Thorsten Nitz!

    Microsoft does not allow 3rd party hardware to work with their product unless its an approved hardware. You can use a Titan 1 or Titan 2 USB dongle with your transmitter however! You should be able to find them online, or in the game stores. 

    Let me know if you need anything else!




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