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  • Michaelcrain

    I followed these steps verbatim with my Mac and it did not work. Do you have tips other than "check the forums?" My device says "Boogloader 2.2.0" when given the 3-finger salute to startup. Once connected with a USB cable, the screen changed & states, "USB Connected." But, it seems to freeze and nothing else happens. This is depressing. :-(

  • DRL Support

    Hi Michaelcrain.. 

    I'm sorry you are having issues connecting your controller to your computer. We have confirmed the controller to work with a MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 and the Qx7 controller with Firmware opentx-x7 VERS: 2.2.0 (95b0a21c).

    As I'm sure you might have already done so, but just in case.. please double check that your computer is up to date. And please ensure that you have the latest firmware for your controller. Unfortunately you may need to reference the controllers website for support in this manner. 

    You may also need a 3rd party driver. There is one listed above named Virtual COM Port Drivers. However the Mac that we tested with did not need this specific driver. We were simply able to plug the controller in and have the Mac auto detect the controller in the listed devices, listed as Frysky Taranis Joystick. 

    I wish there were more I could tell you specifically to help you. I hope that this information will allow you to enjoy the game with your controller. If you do end up getting the controller to work, please let us know how you were able to do so, so we can update the information here. Thank you so very much! 

  • DRL Support


    Are you still having this issue? Thanks.

  • Alain Muller


    I still had this issue a couple of monthes ago, but I didn't tried running DRL Sim until yesterday. It might have been solved in an update, as the controller was detected at launch without changing anything!

    Thank you again for you support. I'm really glad to be now able to use my Taranis QX7 with this awesome simulator.


    Best regards,



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